Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boyfriend Advice

September 5, 2013
Hi, Im Abby Smith,
and today my boyfriend broke up with me at my school, he broke up with me by a note that he shoved in my locker, not the best way to break up with someone, his name was JT Dickson, he was my first boyfriend in middle school,and i was really excited, then five days later, i get a note in my locker saying that he wanted to break up with me. For all you boys out there, these are some do and do nots on how the ask someone out:
Ask them in person
put a note in there locker
or give them a present with a note inside

Send them a text :(
Send a friend to ask a girl :( 

heres a note for all you girls in middle school, dont get a boyfriend in middle school, they will break your heart, DO NOT GET A BOYFRIEND!!!!!